ReThink Disposable: a program to reduce the amount of marine debris-prone items used in the food service industry

This webinar originally aired on 18 May 2016.

Learn about how Clean Water Fund developed Rethink Disposable in partnership with San Francisco Bay Area municipalities to engage local businesses and the public in implementing upstream solutions to reduce the amount of disposable take-out food packaging ending up in creeks and San Francisco Bay. In addition to preventing marine debris, the benefits of reducing and eliminating disposables include: conserving resources, reducing waste, preventing pollution, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the lifecycle of a single-use disposable product from extraction to disposal. Minimizing single-use disposable packaging can provide environmental and economic benefits to local governments and significant cost savings to businesses. Rethink Disposable is helping lead a cultural shift towards making “reusable” the new norm.

This webinar will be useful to government stormwater and solid waste management practioners, restaurant owners, and aquatic resource managers.

This webinar was presented by Samantha Sommer, Waste Prevention Program Manager at Clean Water Fund/Clean Water Action, and it was co-sponsored by the West Coast Marine Debris Alliance,, and the EBM Tools Network.


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