About Us

OCTO launched MarineDebris.Info to provide a free and continuous forum for global discussion and announcements on marine debris. The target audience includes marine debris scientists, resource managers, policymakers, industry, conservation organizations, and other stakeholders.

OCTO (Open Communication for The Ocean)
OCTO provides innovative services to coastal and marine resource managers worldwide. With clients in more than 120 countries, OCTO helps them network with peers and share best practices, no matter their location or financial means.

OCTO programs include:

  • MPA News, the global forum on planning and management of marine protected areas;
  • Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM), an information service on ecosystem-based strategies for managing marine resources;
  • MarineDebris.Info, an online community for sharing knowledge on research and management of marine litter; and
  • The OpenChannels web forum, a comprehensive source of news, analysis, tools, discussion, and learning on ocean management.

OpenChannels Project Manager: nick [at] octogroup.org (Nick Wehner)

Nick holds a Master's degree in marine affairs from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor's of science in biology and ecology from the University of Delaware. He worked with the Port Townsend Marine Science Center's Plastics Project for his Master's thesis entitled, Citizen Science, Communication, and Expertise: An Examination of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center's Plastics Project.

If you'd like to reach Nick, please contact him using any of the following methods:

  • Email: nick [at] octogroup.org

  • Twitter: @nwehner

  • Office telephone: (+1) 206-420-1175

  • Signal: (+1) 206-745-2138

  • ProtonMail Encrypted Email: nwehner [at] protonmail.com

OpenChannels Project Supervisor: jdavis [at] openchannels.org (John B. Davis)

John is president of MARE and editor-in-chief of MPA News and MEAM. He holds a Master’s degree in marine affairs from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Swarthmore College. John co-authored Taking Steps toward Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management: An Introductory Guide (UNEP, 2011) and has managed global information services on ocean and environmental management issues for more than 15 years.